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Michael Kennedy is a professional commercial and advertising photographer based in Sydney, Australia. Michael is a certified drone pilot, producing aerial video and stills. He’s well versed in commercial videography, including corporate video, social video, television commercials, and video content production.

Michael Kennedy Sydney Photographer – Portfolios

Fashion photography for Esperance and Co shot on location in Palm Beach, NSW, Australia showing cashmere topper in colour Dawn Pink


My first advertising shoot was with Sir Edmund Hilary for the forgettable Daihatsu Sherpa …ok fine I was only the intern and mostly just made terrible coffee but I was intrigued by the magic we produced that day. I spent the 90’s with a Polaroid under my arm, a second timer running in my head […]


Architecture and Design photography is a labour of love . Waiting for hours for the light to be just right, often returning many times just to capture a blade of light grazing a wall to bring out the texture and colour and shape of a building. Great design deserves great images and great images take […]

Yellow Audi R8 Spyders driving through the Dolomites during the Audi R8 Spyder European Tour


Our love affair with the automobile is as strong as ever and nothing gets pulses racing more than the latest model and a winding strip of asphalt over a mountain pass. I’m very lucky to have shot many amazing cars over the years for some iconic brands in epic locations. The Audi R8  European Tour […]


The glamorous cousin of portraiture you would think all you had to do is point a camera at a model and boom you’re done but the best Beauty photographers combine the talents of hair and makeup artists, stylists and the model and then add something special. Beauty photography is something I love to shoot.


Editorial Photography is all about telling a story. My series on fighters was a finalist in the Hasselblad Masters Editorial section and Designers Couch said “raw, gritty yet serene and simple photos that are masterfully executed.” Pretty happy with that.


Events are fun to shoot. The idea of capturing the energy and drama of an event is both fun and challenging. For the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project simultaneous parties were held across the globe where paired cities exchanged themes and danced the night away. Sydney traded places with Brazil and the Carnivale party was a […]


Lifestyle Photography is all about recreating natural little moments with a light carefree authenticity..almost like a memory from a holiday where life was all about living in the moment. Closely related to Editorial Photography, I love to shoot in this style. I think its very much how we live here in Sydney.

Bob Hawke portrait


A portrait can take many forms. It could be an actors headshot, a stolen moment on the street or even a corporate portrait. The best portraits happen when there is a moment , a silent honest connection between the photographer and the subject where pretence and distractions are stripped away and the real person is […]

Commercial Photography

Photography is a powerful way to introduce your brand to the world.
We will work with you to bring your brand to life with state-of-the-art photography and make sure your brand personality shines through.

Editorial Photography

With an emphasis on storytelling through imagery, Michael Kennedy is a Sydney photographer with an editorial focus.

Travel & Lifestyle Photography

With a personal passion for travel, Michael Kennedy enjoys working with clients who are looking for detail in their travel and lifestyle photography.

We live in a world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure.
There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them
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